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On the Hunt…for Shoes

My Inov-8s are dead. Like dead as doornails. Like, they reek every time I wear them. And they give me shin splints whenever I run. And they just have no support whatsoever anymore.

This makes me really sad because I got these shoes at the North Central Regionals and the Games last year. But I suppose a year of almost constant wear will make shoes die a lot faster than just running and crossfitting three times a week.

So I had to go shopping. And I hate shopping with a passion. Plus it’s really hard to find Inov-8s in the area as my favorite store closed a year ago. I was unemployed when they closed so I couldn’t take advantage of the sales. This made me even more sad.

I did some research and found that a Performance Running Outfitters has Inov-8s. I called them and asked what they had in size 8. F-Lite 249 was literally the only pair in a size 8 they had… and it was pretty much the only Inov-8 they had period. So I had them hold it for me and stopped by after work the other day. The following is what happened.

  • Me:┬áTries on shoe and can’t believe how there’s no space at the toe of my foot. Take off shoes and wait for dude to come back.
  • Dude: Didn’t work?
  • Me: No. Way too short in the toe. Which is odd because I’m totally an 8.
  • Dude: OK let’s try a couple other options. Let me look around and see what I can find for you.
  • Me: OK. /Waits patiently. A miracle in and of itself, but I wasn’t about to rush this guy who could potentially find a pair of 195s buried in the recesses of their warehouse.

5 minutes later:

  • Dude: OK so I found some 215s in 8.5. Let’s see how that works. Oh and this is Thomas. He’ll be able to help you a lot more than I can since I’ve got another guy over there.
  • Me: /tries them on. They’re really long. The arch band is really far forward.
  • Thomas: OK they definitely aren’t the right size. Let me head back and see what other options we have to work with.
  • Me: OK. I’ve heard a lot of CrossFitters use the Nike Frees. Maybe that’s an option?
  • Thomas: Awesome! I’ll see what we’ve got.
  • Me: Waits patiently again.
  • Thomas: /hands me three pairs of the ugliest shoes I’ve ever tried on with massive amounts of cushioning and ick. I said no almost immediately to all of them. Then hands me a size 8 nike free 4.0 with 6mm drop and knitfly bands on the ball of the foot.
  • Me: /grunt. they are super tight in the foot. I feel like my toes are going to fall asleep. And they have a weird cushioning system; like it’s forcing me to pronate inward. Which is not good because I already do that.
  • Thomas: How about an 8.5?
  • Me: the toe box is way too long and it’s still super tight in the ball of the foot.

the aftermath. This was before the third round of tries.

Me: /leaves empty handed, goes home and buys a pair of 182 and 195 from Zappos.

In all, I guess it was OK they didn’t have them, but I’d still like to try them on and make sure they’ll fit without having to hassle with return address labels. I also wanted them right away so I don’t have to acclimate to a new pair of shoes for CrossFit tonight. I’m wearing my Reebok Sprints instead of my 185s because we’re running and the Sprints have more cushioning and aren’t dead so my shins, knees and calves will thank me.