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You know what? I love my Gyno. He’s (yes, I said HE) is the sweetest man and he doesn’t bullshit with me. When he told me two years ago that I have PCOS with the severe chance of Type 2 Diabetes in five years if I didn’t turn my shit around and fast, he laid it straight out on the line. He didn’t sugar coat it for me. When my previous doc scolded me for believing her when she said the medication I was on would help me lose weight when it only made me sick every night, I was done and decided I need a don’t-eff-with-me doctor who would tell me exactly what I needed to know and be able to help me sufficiently without me wanting to rip my hair out in frustration.

The last time I saw the good doctor was a year ago for my last yearly. I was a sad and pathetic 211 pounds, with no hope of losing any more as I kept yo-yo-ing back and forth between the same seven pounds. He told me my diet sounded OK and to keep working out and getting on the treadmill, but it all seemed so dismal. I wasn’t feeling so happy about coming back in a year potentially weighing more.

At my worst, I was at 234 pounds in June.

Then I found CrossFit and Paleo. And I lost 40 pounds. This morning I stepped on the scale at Boyfriends and it looked to be saying 191. Boyfriend gave me a sideways hug and I complained about how it hurt my ribs. “Yeah because you don’t have a ton of fat as a cushion there anymore!” and hugged me again. I told him how unlikely it was that I just had a 6-pound poo, but I knew I was closer to my goal of 40 pounds and that I might actually have made it there for this appointment. My previous goal was to just get to 200 pounds for the appointment and I demolished it a few weeks ago.

I got to the doctor and stepped on the scale and was so happy to see 195 pounds. I told the PA I was only one pound away from a total weight loss of 40 pounds since June and she was so happy for me. She didn’t have the same appreciation for Paleo as I do, but she extolled my happiness while asking all the basic questions.

Doctor came into the room to my beaming smile and immediately told me I look fantastic and I don’t even look the same. Oddly enough, I don’t notice a difference in my physique. I notice the difference in the gym, sure, but not really in myself– only occasionally when I wear certain clothes that fit right. He still was so happy for me and told me to keep it up as it was having a lot of positive affects on, not just my physical condition but my personal and hormonal balances. He did the basic tests, told me I looked awesome, gave me a flu shot and sent me down to have my blood sugar checked.

I know a lot of people talk about how weird it would be to have a male-doctor all up in their lady-business but I’d much rather have a dude who isn’t going to bullshit me into thinking this drug is going to help me lose weight when it won’t and he’ll tell me exactly what I need to know and he’ll be there to help me when I need it. That and there is always a PA/Nurse in the room with the doctor when he is examining your ladybits, so it helps with the comfort thing. I’ve had some great female doctors and I’d go to a couple of them in a heartbeat for other things like a cold or whatever, but when a doctor starts telling me ‘I never told you that you needed to lose 50 pounds’ when I never would have gone on a diet in the first place unless you told me that, it’s time to move on.

Anyway, that’s just my little spiel on how much I lurve my doctor. I’ll be seeing him, hopefully lighter still, in a year.

I think it’s about time to do a before-during-after photo shoot. I’m still working on finding the before photo- as I decidedly avoided my body in pictures BCF (Before CrossFit), but now I don’t mind it so much. One of these days I’ll figure out which picture I hate more and what outfit to photograph for an after. This reminds me I need to go shopping.