A Formal Request to Caribou Coffee

I am a frequent visitor of the HWY 100/18 Bou and I come in every Monday for knit night where my friends and I stay for up to three hours drinking coffee, getting treats and generally enjoying ourselves. I would love to say I adore the drinks you have but, I’ve only been able to drink tea from your company because I am unable to drink dairy or soy milk. Usually this isn’t a problem but I would love to be able to order something off your menu with the opportunity to drink almond or coconut milk in my drink, hot or cold. I have spoken with your baristas a few times about this and they informed me that I am not the only patron who has this same issue. This is why I am e-mailing you today.

I’m on the Paleo diet, which restricts the kinds of foods I eat based on making your body a fat burning machine by way of protein. As such, I do not consume grains, bread, dairy, legumes and processed sugars. I’m sure you can now see how almost nothing in your menu fits these restrictions other than tea, black coffee(which I don’t want at 8 p.m.) and your sparkling water. I adore your teas but sometimes I want an almond milk dark chocolate hot cocoa. Can you see how that would be absolutely delicious? With the substitution of coconut/almond milk in place of your other dairy, the menu opens up completely and I’m sure I would enjoy my experience at your stores much more.

I’d also like to make the proposal to, at some point in the future, switch to stevia, raw honey or even agave nectar than clove honey. Clove honey is overly processed and full of extra sugars, where as raw honey is straight from the bees, usually tastes like the flowers in which the pollen originated, and has even been known to alleviate allergies when you buy local honey (in Wisconsin, it’s usually “Kallas” brand. Agave nectar is much lighter but it doesn’t process in your body like white sugar and it’s much sweeter in less doses than sugar. As someone unable to consume processed sugars and white sugar, stevia, raw honey and agave are the only things available to me to sweeten up my drinks. None of these things are available in your stores.

I understand if this adds more to your menu, but it’s more of a substitution and I’m sure many people would appreciate it if you could help them enjoy your coffees more. I don’t know of a single coffee shop in the area that makes their drinks with these two milks so you could be paving the way for a new way to enjoy your favorite drinks. Almond and coconut milk can be substituted in any case you would have dairy milk. Unsweetened vanilla almond milk is great as an addition to coffee for those who don’t want 1/2 and 1/2 etc. Both of these milks also have much more nutrition properties than dairy milk and soy milk.

If you are unable to accommodate this request, I’d like to know if it would be possible to bring in my own almond milk to have the baristas create my drink. I’d be happy to pay for a regular hot chocolate, but have them use my milk so I can have a better experience in your stores.

I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to enjoy your drinks more often so if you could help me out with this request and/or point me in the direction of with whom I can speak to get answers regarding my request, I would be more than happy to work with you all.

Thank you ever so much.


About Amanda

I knit only when I'm not drinking coffee, sleeping or lifting heaving things and putting them back down. I'm a freelance writer and I adore my job. I don't write about this, though I do and am obsessed with CrossFit. I eat Primal and love cooking. I write about both of these things. I greatly appreciate your feedback and comments! If you like what you've seen in my blogs, please feel free to message me here or on Ravelry, or e-mail me at ashansen1015@gmail.com. I have patterns for sale! Go to Ravelry and search KnitEatLift and you'll find my patterns. The store is always growing and soon will have more patterns to purchase. I hope you enjoy them.

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