Daily Archives: November 28, 2012

Ode to an Oven

Dear Oven,

I have missed you so much. Have I ever told you how much I adore you? I don’t think I have and it’s time you know the truth.

I’ll admit, I was skeptical the first day we met because you’re electric and I’ve only ever had a gas oven and stovetop but I was willing to give you the benefit of the doubt and open my heart to you. I’d had my feelings hurt before from ovens that have died, lied to me about their temperature or simply not cooked my food, so I was so happy to find that you were extremely clean, didn’t reek of burnt cheese whenever I cooked something in you and you cooked my food at an alarmingly fast rate.

It was meant to be from the very beginning.

I’m sorry I dropped that giant piece of garlic pizza crust onto your heating coil which cause it to set on fire and only narrowly not blow up the kitchen. I bet that scared you almost as much as it scared me. I blame myself for that incident, as well as forgetting about that burned piece of garlic pizza crust until the next time I turned you on to bake some cookies, which caused the apartment to smell like burning. I quickly retrieved the crust from your belly and I’m sure you were grateful, which you showed with delicious cookies.

I’m so terribly sorry I’ve had to neglect you over the last two months. I swear it wasn’t intentional. I thought we could live harmoniously during this strict Paleo time; baking banana bread and cookies and other delicious things while I did the LuRong challenge, but I quickly found out that I couldn’t use you at all and your stovetop got more action that I care to mention. I longed for the days of being able to watch you bake cookies and muffins and breads.

Instead I walked past you day after day… not thinking twice about how much I needed to be domestic; how much I wanted to bake. I came to avoid your judging glances and hateful comments whenever I turned on the stovetop again to make bacon and eggs. I tried buttering you up by cleaning your door and handle when bacon fat splattered or I got soup spilled, but you were so angry with me.

I hoped one day we could be together again in harmonious bliss…And now that day has come.

And I’m not looking back.

And I know we’re going to have a very happy time together… until my lease runs out or I move out. But we’re going to make the most of the days we have together. And that includes lots of baking and roasting and lots of time with you at 325 degrees F.

With all my adoration and gratitude,


P.S. Did I ever mention that boyfriend likes you too? From your broiler to the way the racks move so easily up and down, to the wonderful way you bake those cookies and muffins. If it weren’t for his new oven, I’m sure he’d be begging to hang out with you more often.