Daily Archives: October 6, 2012

Relaxation WOD

There are two types of rest days: The days where you are still decently active but you don’t WOD: You clean the apartment, grocery shop, hang out or play with kids if you have any, etc. But nowhere on your day is there a barbell to be lifted. The other kind of rest day… I’m a pro at these ones. You do NOTHING: You sleep in, you lay down on the couch with a Nalgene of water and You’ve Got Mail and Devil Wears Prada and you make every effort to not do anything all day.

The latter, though I’m awesome at them, I don’t get to do them enough. I’ve suddenly come down with ‘clean-your-apartment-syndrome’ and I can’t seem to shake it regardless of the fact that my abs, quads, arms and calves want to fall off my body. I have to clean the counters and do dishes.

Then there’s the occasional night where I feel motivated enough to really relax. Tomorrow morning I’m getting a massage and, rather than being in pain for a majority of deep-tissue hour, I decided to take a bubble bath.

Yes. A bubble bath.

I’d had a really crappy day… though slightly less crappy than it could have been. I fought with the health insurance, then fought with Walgreens so I could get a medication I’d been missing for four days, then couldn’t manage to get rid of the smell in my kitchen, realizing the disposal must be grossing out. Then at the box I failed… epically.

You know… they say to leave your ego at the door of the box but I can’t help but feel like such a failure when the rest of the box is done and I still have one round to go so the coach says to scale it down to finish the round I’m on. We all have weak days, so I guess forcing myself to go to the box tonight was the reason for my weak day.

I don’t like weak days… they make me feel like all the work I’ve done over the last few months is for naught. I’m not a fan. So rather than getting a pint of ice cream at Walgreens while getting the drugs, I went home and fixed up dinner, poured a 6 oz. glass of red wine and got into the hottest bubble bath I’d ever been in an hour later while watching You’ve Got Mail on the iPad.

The final piece to my relaxation puzzle tonight is sleep. Your body needs plenty of sleep to function properly, especially while CrossFitting. It’s 11 p.m. and I have to be up for my 11 a.m. massage. Here’s hoping I can convince boyfriend to WOD with me tomorrow afternoon so I can start to feel like a good athlete again.

Tomorrow will also more than likely be my first cheat meal in… oh… two weeks? Let’s see how that goes, shall we?