Monthly Archives: September 2012


I was given the go-ahead after four days from the Surgeon that I could start working out again after the appendectomy but I was wary. My belly was a mess– the bruise was enormous and the most amazing color of chartreuse with purple streaks throughout it and I felt disgusting in general.

So I took care of myself and kept paying attention to my health until the following Tuesday when I thought about working out at home. I also finally hit up the Paleo lifestyle again and I was starting to feel normal.

I wanted to do something simple and, since I didn’t have any bars or other equipment other than a jump rope, I figured it’d be best to come up with a bodyweight WOD.

Needless to say, Tuesday didn’t happen but I vowed to take care of getting a WOD in on Wednesday. I went out by the car, set up my TABATA timer and started jumping.

Tabata 30 on, 15 off.
Jump rope
In one set of 8 30 second reps, I finished 416 single unders. Around rep 360 my shoe came untied and had to stop in order for the laces to stop whipping my ankles.
Then I came upstairs and did another set of Tabata with push ups and sit ups and finished 35 reps each in the 20 seconds on 10 off.

It honestly wasn’t my best workout but I wasn’t in the position to be angry with myself. I hadn’t worked out in a week so I wasn’t willing to be hard with myself.

I took Thursday off to spend with Boyfriend and planned out my Friday WOD to be done while it was raining outside.

40 air squats
30 push ups
20 walking lunges
30 push ups
40 air squats

My time was 10:58 and I was decently happy with it. I worked up a really good sweat and I was hurting, so I was going to view it as a win.

Now I’m back in the gym and I’m so happy to be back there. It’s great being able to work at home and work outside of the box but having the equipment in the gym available to me (and the support) is much better than being in your own head. Plus, being in the box takes me outside my comfort zone and forces me to do movements I don’t necessarily feel comfortable doing, so I feel like I can progress a lot faster.

I’m off to finish the laundry, which finally smells like fresh laundry, and get out to the box for the third time this week. More on that later along with about 9 PRs and my first HERO WOD!