Daily Archives: August 14, 2012

Playing Catch-Up

I wish I had a better excuse for not writing for over three weeks… but I don’t. Since losing my job, I’ve applied at a multitude of random jobs and not heard back from anything so I’m just trying to keep my head above water and not have a nervous breakdown at every turn. It’s not been easy to tell people that I’m not working, I’m applying for unemployment and I’m desperate to not spend a penny if I don’t have to. I’ve been crying on the phone regularly to Mom in extreme gratitude as she bails me out with a check to pay for my rent and the minimum payment on my bills. And now I’m sitting here trying to figure out what the unemployment letter means…

Anyway– Onto the CrossFit news: I graduated Elements! My day 1 July Elements Ben time was 9:15 and I took off a full minute from that with the month off. I was extremely sore from the WOD before and we had to go through all the movements so we were pretty gassed already. Squats were a bit of a problem but luckily I have discovered the delicious pain delivered to me by the foam roller prior to a WOD, which helps loosen up the tight muscles making it easier to move.

Since I just left the job, I talked to Tyler and signed up for a year-long membership. I told him, it’s not like I’m going anywhere (my apartment lease is up in one year and I love the place) so I was more than ready to get started.

I had the rest of the weekend to myself and I spent it crafting. Boyfriend and I are going to GenCon this coming weekend and I had a lot of costuming to do. I’ll be re-cosplaying Amy Pond while Boyfriend will don a sweatshirt and jeans and be The Master. Saturday is our big day: I, with the massive draping help of Mom, have completed an incredibly sexy Silk Spectre I costume. The yellow chiffon drapes beautifully around my curves and I’ve modified it so the skirt is longer, the fishnets are higher and the boots aren’t heeled. Boyfriend bought a Comedian costume online and I altered it a bit more to it would fit better, though it’s a little lopsided. I added some fabric paint to parts so it’s not so cheap-looking and I have plans to buy him a cigar or two. Sunday I’ll be oh-so-comfortable in a blue-gray sundress with two TARDISes fabric-painted on so I become the Time Vortex. Boyfriend might become a Ghost Buster.

Onto the knitting part of this project: I decided last second that I’d be knitting the single opera glove for Silk Spectre and I’d re-knit the mittens for Amy Pond as I screwed them up last year. I went to Main St. Yarn Shop and grabbed a skein of black Malabrigo sock yarn and two size 3 Addi turbos. I cast on during the opening ceremonies of the Olympics and finished 15 hours after the closing ceremonies. I’ve added 16 gold buttons and the closures between the fingers are the best I’ve ever done. I’m so happy with myself.

The mittens are such a disaster. I started them with size 4 but gauge was way too big. Then I went down to size 3 and found the gauge was too big again. I’m now on size 2 needles and I’m praying that I can be done with this.

It’s now almost Tomorrow so I’m going to write more about my first week in big girl CrossFit classes when I’ve woken up.