Trying again

Why didn’t this post!!!

Today marked the first day of the 2012 CrossFit Games! I’ve been glued to my computer all day listening to the live phonecast of the triathalon and they’re about to do an infantry obstacle course in a heat format. I’m rooting hardcore for the NorthCentral athletes and I’m feeling the need to get out of the office and get some weight on the bar.

I’ve quite the plan for my night. I’ll probably not have much time to stop moving and I don’t think my brain is going to like me by the end of the night. Here goes:

After work I’m headed out to Mom’s really quick to drop of a set of keys for my apartment. She’ll need to care for my dehydrated plants while I’m away and make sure everything is OK in my apartment. I’ll say my see-you-soon’s and mama-loves-you’s to the kittens and head out to the Chiropractor. My neck has been so tight that I really should be getting a massage but I don’t have time. I’ll get one next week some time. A few good cracks, some therapy and ice and I’ll be on my way home. I’ll have some time between the appointment and CrossFit to rest up a bit so the headache should go away by then. Adrenaline and endorphins will finish the job.

Dinner is the same as lunch but it was really yummy. I slowly cooked a chicken breast and had a side of carrots. I’ve been trying to drink water all day but whenever I get headaches like this I find my appetite and hydration go downhill so I’m only at about 40 oz down today when I should be at about 65-70 by now. I’ll take a water bottle with me to CrossFit and pay attention to how I feel.

We’re doing Cathy tonight. I find I lost count on this one last time but I’m hoping to either make the same time or beat time this month.

Row 200m.
Deadlifts/Push Press
Rest 30 seconds
20 Burpees.

Last month I had this done in 14:30 including the rest time.  The burpees killed me and I’m sure they will again as I haven’t been practicing them. I also feel like we’ll have to row 250 meters again to make up for the runners. My legs still hurt from the WOD on Monday which will set me back a bit until they’re warmed up a bit more.

I finished the WOD in 10:22 and Tyler put an exlcamation mark next to my name as I viewed it as a PR. He took off the Row at the beginning but I still would have PRed.


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I knit only when I'm not drinking coffee, sleeping or lifting heaving things and putting them back down. I'm a freelance writer and I adore my job. I don't write about this, though I do and am obsessed with CrossFit. I eat Primal and love cooking. I write about both of these things. I greatly appreciate your feedback and comments! If you like what you've seen in my blogs, please feel free to message me here or on Ravelry, or e-mail me at I have patterns for sale! Go to Ravelry and search KnitEatLift and you'll find my patterns. The store is always growing and soon will have more patterns to purchase. I hope you enjoy them.

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