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Death before DNF

It’s been a really rough week here at Casa del Amanda.

1. The CrossFit Games were absolutely fantastic. I’ll write up a post all about it in just a bit!

2. Upon coming home, I was thrown into a very hectic and stressful week of meetings with work. I found nausea and migraines were on the menu. I had a short flu that Boyfriend was so sweet and supportive over. He slept on the couch on Tuesday after putting me to bed early with a fever.

3. Wednesday was when the real nausea started. I had shrimp for dinner on my way to BCF. First problem.

4. We had a good WOD at Badger CrossFit and I was seriously beaten after it. Row 500m. 30 air squats. 25 wall balls. 20 pull ups. 15 knees to elbows. Row 500m. All done in 15:35. I was the last one to finish but at this point I just don’t care about finishing last anymore. I just want to be finishing.

5. The last 500m row was done in 2:15! It probably wasn’t best since I was exhausted and ready to stop half-way through. I needed a break but Tyler was next to me pushing me through the last ten pulls. It was hard, I was breathless and sweating profusely.

6. I fought Pukie the clown the whole ride home, laid down on the couch and managed to settle my stomach.

7. I was sick all day the next day, threw up before lunch, didn’t eat or drink anything all day Thursday and felt so weak after work. Boyfriend stopped at the store after visiting Badger CrossFit for the OLY lifting class (which I pushed him to go to) and brought saltines, gluten/wheat free and organic crackers and some organic cinnamon and apples oatmeal to go with my 7-up and pedialite diet that mom had brought me.

8. I got an e-mail Friday morning from my boss with issues with me. I felt sick and the room was spinning. I was working hard on the things I had been given so I responded saying my health needed to be my first priority. The boss came into my office and we decided to part ways. As soon as he left my office, I ran to the bathroom and threw up. I packed up my things and went home, crashed on the couch and slept for the next three hours and, you know what? I felt amazing upon waking up to my mother calling me. My stomach had settled and my headache was gone.

9. Mom and I think it’s all psychological. My heart and my mind were telling me that this job wasn’t at all what I wanted to do with my life. I wasn’t writing; I wasn’t WORKING. Sure the money and benefits were amazing, but I couldn’t justify working at a job where my passions weren’t being used in any way. I didn’t fit there at all and it was clear that I wasn’t meant to be there. My brain and stomach and mind were telling me I needed to be out of there.

10. I called the temp agency and they’re hopefully going to call me in a couple days with a temp job. I’m working on updating my resume and I’ve been working on some freelance stuff in the meantime.

11. The whole weekend, I’ve been slowly trying to get food into my system. I’ve managed to get proteins down in the form of chicken, turkey burgers and no name steak burgers but have been afraid to fill my stomach with too much food. Mom and I went to Jimmy Johns for dinner on Saturday but I got nauseated, probably from the processed food there, so I couldn’t handle it much further than a couple bites. I weighed myself before going to Mom’s house and realized I had lost 6 pounds in a day and a half.

12. My boobs are noticeably smaller. As well as a lot of other parts of my body… but still. My bras don’t fit anymore. Luckily Boyfriend responded with “I’d still love you, even if they fell off!”

13. I slept on Mom’s floor/couch Saturday night instead of going to Boyfriend’s. BAD IDEA. My back twinged for a good portion of the next day and my headache was still going slightly. Though it was the best sleep I’d had in a really long time.

14. Sunday was a slow day but I was starting to feel better. Mom suggested I might have an ulcer, which would explain why a higher stress level would make the pain higher. I stopped at Walgreens and got some Prilosec and read the directions thoroughly. Boyfriend came over, we snuggled up and watched The Great Escape and had burgers for dinner. I made up some peppers and onions with his and only had one burger because I didn’t want to over-do it.

15. Monday I should have drank more water. I didn’t realize how dehydrated I was until I left the comforting AC of my apartment and went to the 105 degree weather of Badger CrossFit. I barely made it through the skills and my back twinged enough that my muscles spasmed and tightened up so I couldn’t even do a Burpee. The AMRAP 8 Medicine Ball Clean and Burpee (10 each) wasn’t bad in theory but I couldn’t do it. I finished one full set, crying during the Burpees because I was so mad at my body. I massaged at my back after every few Burpees and felt decent enough to get another few done. I didn’t DNF… so that’s what I cared about. I know, I know… leave your ego at the door. I couldn’t when it came to DNFing.

16. My back is all kinds of sore and stiff. I called and made a massage appointment for this afternoon. After the appointment I’ll be going to Sports Authority to get some Kinetic Tape which will help keep the muscles warm and not angry so my back can heal properly. I can feel the herniated discs so I think a massage will do it a lot of good. I can’t tell if this is the discs hurting or if it’s the surrounding muscles. All I know is that bending is a good hurt. It’s nowhere near the kind of pain I’d experienced previously.

17. Boyfriend is illin tonight. I think I got him sick with the flu or some variation of stomach flu. After the massage, I’m going to pick up some soup from Panera and bring him some 7-up and pedialite and saltines and finally be the one to take care of him.

Damn. What an update! I’ll be writing up something about the Games next!

Trying again

Why didn’t this post!!!

Today marked the first day of the 2012 CrossFit Games! I’ve been glued to my computer all day listening to the live phonecast of the triathalon and they’re about to do an infantry obstacle course in a heat format. I’m rooting hardcore for the NorthCentral athletes and I’m feeling the need to get out of the office and get some weight on the bar.

I’ve quite the plan for my night. I’ll probably not have much time to stop moving and I don’t think my brain is going to like me by the end of the night. Here goes:

After work I’m headed out to Mom’s really quick to drop of a set of keys for my apartment. She’ll need to care for my dehydrated plants while I’m away and make sure everything is OK in my apartment. I’ll say my see-you-soon’s and mama-loves-you’s to the kittens and head out to the Chiropractor. My neck has been so tight that I really should be getting a massage but I don’t have time. I’ll get one next week some time. A few good cracks, some therapy and ice and I’ll be on my way home. I’ll have some time between the appointment and CrossFit to rest up a bit so the headache should go away by then. Adrenaline and endorphins will finish the job.

Dinner is the same as lunch but it was really yummy. I slowly cooked a chicken breast and had a side of carrots. I’ve been trying to drink water all day but whenever I get headaches like this I find my appetite and hydration go downhill so I’m only at about 40 oz down today when I should be at about 65-70 by now. I’ll take a water bottle with me to CrossFit and pay attention to how I feel.

We’re doing Cathy tonight. I find I lost count on this one last time but I’m hoping to either make the same time or beat time this month.

Row 200m.
Deadlifts/Push Press
Rest 30 seconds
20 Burpees.

Last month I had this done in 14:30 including the rest time.  The burpees killed me and I’m sure they will again as I haven’t been practicing them. I also feel like we’ll have to row 250 meters again to make up for the runners. My legs still hurt from the WOD on Monday which will set me back a bit until they’re warmed up a bit more.

I finished the WOD in 10:22 and Tyler put an exlcamation mark next to my name as I viewed it as a PR. He took off the Row at the beginning but I still would have PRed.


So CrossFit started again today! I was so excited to get back in the box that I could barely contain myself. I went home around noon for lunch. It was awesome being able to drive home in 10 minutes and be able to eat, watch some TV, lay down for a minute or two and then head back in time for a meeting.

About 2 p.m., I was in a meeting with three loud women, all wearing three individually strong perfumes and we were sitting in an office with the flourescent lights beating down on us. It was not conducive to my brain functioning properly and I got a migraine that sat directly in my neck. I previously had made a Chiropractor appointment so I was looking forward to those gloriously sickening cracks.

I closed my door and did my work quietly today while keeping hydrated with Coconut water, water and Gatorade. My headache was kept at bay while in the quiet and keeping to myself while also stretching my neck out a bit. I longed to be laying down.

The good Chiropractor got a few good cracks out of my neck, noted that my back was doing really well after the cortisone shots but the headaches were probably because of the added pressure from the shots. I’m sure my stress level over the last few months hasn’t helped so I’m hoping more adjustments over the next few weeks and this nice long stressless weekend will be great and relaxing for me.

Mom yelled at me to take it easy at CF tonight. I told her the heaviest weight I’d be lifting is 35 lbs and Tyler won’t be letting me lift more even if my ego gets in the way. Turns out, tonight the heaviest weight we lifted was our own bodies. My back still feels great.

Home meant a GIANT steak, an enormous bunch of grapes and some water. I let the food settle while waiting for 7 p.m. to head out to CrossFit. Tyler checked in with me and asked how my back was and told me it was perfectly fine that I row instead of run. It was an easy-going class until we got to the MetCon. Ben had a quick update for us rowers: Since the runners were actually running 250 meters, we needed to meet the same amount. This, for some reason, didn’t phase me in the thoughts that I could get this WOD done in less than 9 minutes still even though we were adding 100 meters to it.

I got through the first 250 meters fine but found that I had lost my squat form. My legs were shaky from rowing so I need to work on them in the meantime. My shoulders and delts hurt like hell from the night before when I did the 70 push ups with Boyfriend. The Ring Rows were fine. I kept looking at the clock. The Clock became my enemy.

By 7:30 I was just about to finish my last 9 ring rows. I RAN to the rowing machine, sat down, strapped in and started rowing only to find that I was needlessly rowing all-out. It didn’t start logging my meters until I had probably rowed a good 20 meters. /sigh. About 75 meters in I found my arms just didn’t want to pull anymore. I had to stop for a second and let my arms rest. I looked back at the clock and realized I wasn’t going to make a PR. I was pissed and started rowing again, demanding my body to finish. At 9:15 I rowed the last meter and Tyler walked over, gave me a high-five and told me he cares more about my back being healthy than my time when I told him I didn’t beat my old time (his response “You rowed an extra 100 meters…” “…yeah,” I said.”). I walked over as Tyler wrote down times and laid down on the mat, huffing and puffing. I wasn’t happy but I was happy I had finished and I didn’t give up even though my body wanted to.

We went in for the weigh-in and body fat measurements. I knew I had lost weight (and Tyler mentioned I looked thinner) but I didn’t think I had lost any body fat. I look at myself every day so I don’t see the weight loss. So I jumped on the scale and was still at 214 and I was expecting Tyler to say my body fat was still up at 36% but he instead pointed at 33.8%!  I was so excited that I actually reached out and whacked Tyler on his chest. I’m still smack in the middle of the “Above Average” classification but if I keep up the way I’ve been going, I should be down another 2-3 percent by the end of the month, especially if I’m able to keep doing CrossFit this time. My original goal was to get to be about 26-28% Body fat. I’m only a few months from that goal!

So the night ended on a high note. I got a Badger CrossFit t-shirt to wear to The Games this weekend and I’ve got lots of sore muscles to carry around tomorrow. It’s going to be a long day at the office on Tuesday but I’ll break it up with meals at home. Have I mentioned how much I love living so close to home? I get to start packing, Boyfriend won’t be home as he’ll be working late too and we both have affairs to put in order before heading out to the beautiful sunny and sweat-filled town of Carson, CA.

…What knitting should I bring? There’s plane knitting, hotel knitting, waiting in line at the food truck knitting, waiting for the next WOD to start knitting… Or you know, just plane knitting. Still! I need something to knit!

Back in the Game!

I’m back! Yay!

Three weeks ago it was my back, last week it was my head. I would love for things to be 100% again! So here’s a quick catch-up.

I got two cortisone shots in my lower back, the second one hurt like hell but my back is feeling MUCH better. I’ll be visiting my Chiropractor much more often in the hopes that he can aid in strengthening my back. I’ve also been doing some planks and minor working out since being off CrossFit to help strengthen my core. I think I’m ready to get back in the box.

Last week was the major heat wave in Wisco and my brain didn’t seem to want to recover from it so I’ve had a migraine since the beginning of the month. I thought it was everything but just a run-of-the-mill Migraine so I even went to the ER on Tuesday for heat exhaustion where they pumped me full of fluids and, when my BP dropped to a ghastly 80/55, they gave me Gatorade and told me to keep drinking it as long as the heat kept up and especially if I was working out. I did as I was told, though I knew Gatorade wasn’t Paleo and it wasn’t really all that good for me since the sodium levels are so high in Gatorade that it counteracted the liquids I was consuming. I drank it anyway, alternating it with water. A couple days ago I bought a case of Vita Coco Coconut Water from GNC and I’ve been drinking that as well since it’s just as good as Gatorade for electrolytes and it has potassium which helps your muscles retain water and keep from cramping up. It’ll be perfect with water while working out this summer.

I finally caved and saw a neurologist on Friday and she put me back on the preventative medication I was on in high school and the headache is tapering away so that’s good! I can finally stand to look at my computer screen without wanting to vomit, so I’m viewing it as a plus. I’ll be heading over to the Chiro again today to get a few good pops in my neck in the hopes that Chiropractic and medications will help the migraines go away faster.

I stepped on the scale last week and stared at the scale in disbelief. I had lost 20 pounds. In four weeks, essentially. I weighed in at the first day of June Elements at a dismal 234 lbs. I knew it wasn’t my best weigh in after having had a ton of food before the workout and I had been consuming water like a camel. I weighed myself in the morning, wearing a sun dress, having nothing in my system only to find that I had lost 20 pounds from Paleo and five classes of CrossFit. I was astonished. Amazed. Completely flabbergasted. I could see losing 20 pounds in six months, and I had done that in the past, but one month?! I was floored. I immediately told Boyfriend and he didn’t know what to say. I did a happy dance on the stairs and went to post my happiness on Facebook. We went to a baseball game with Boyfriend’s parents and I cheated with beer and a brat and an ice cream sandwich(the ice cream froze my headache away for a minute or two) and then we just kept cheating for the rest of the week as the aspect of cooking in 100+ degree heat was so not what we wanted to do that we just ordered Buffalo Wild Wings. Not the WORST cheat, mind you, but still a cheat. I weighed myself again this morning and, after dialing back in for the last day and a half, I’ve neither gained nor lost any weight. I’m amazed. In the past, eating like I used to (non-paleo, that is), I’d have gained five pounds by now. Now my body is so used to burning fat and protein at an accelerated span that I feel like Paleo just got easier to achieve! I don’t need to obsess anymore. I know my body is doing what it’s supposed to be doing.

July 1 started a 30 day challenge through Badger CrossFit where Tyler challenged us to do 50 Push Ups and 50 Sit Ups every day this month. Boyfriend and I did them on the First but the migraine kept me from doing it until last night and Boyfriend was taking care of me so he didn’t do them either. Last night I talked him into it and we did it again. I showed him up by doing 73 sit ups and 70 push ups in the same time it took him to do 50 and 50. It felt so good and the little nagging headache I’d had through the day was gone after we were done thanks to the endorphins and adrenaline.

Tonight is Day 1 of July Elements which means I get to redo Ben!

For anyone who forgot… “Ben” is:
Run(Row) 200m
Squat/Push-Up/Body Row
Run(Row) 200m

When I went to the ER, they gave me a shot of Toradol painkiller in my bum and the injection site still hurts and I don’t want to do any damage to my back so I’m still going to request that I Row instead of Run, which I’m sure Tyler will have no problem with.  This will also give me a chance to compare my time to last month. June 2 I had a time of 9 minutes flat. Tonight I want to peel off at least a minute from that time. I know I can do 10 push ups in 20 seconds as Boyfriend and I do the 50/50 Tabata Style (20 seconds on, 10 seconds off) so I have confidence that I can get it all done in a decent time.

Oh! I also forgot to mention I got tickets to the CrossFit Games!!! Boyfriend and I are flying to Carson, CA. on Thursday to watch the fittest men and women in the world compete! I am so excited and hope to get an Elisabeth Akinwale shirt as she’s my favorite athlete and my inspiration for starting CrossFit. When I saw her Snatch 270 lbs easy… I was sold. Tickets sold out the day I was going to buy them so I had to buy them for an insane amount on eBay but I got tickets and now I’m headed to Carson and I couldn’t be happier.

This was supposed to be a quick catch up? Wow! I’m sorry! Not quick, I guess! Tonight’s dinner before Elements is a giant steak I grilled up yesterday and some grapes. Nothing too extravagant but it’ll fill me up and fuel me for a sweating. Happy Monday, all!