I’m exhausted!

I did a lot of stretching after work before my first Elements class, but it didn’t really help all that much.

So Monday night: I left work and went to GNC and got a case of Vita Coco coconut water and a bunch of FRS shots- much like the 5 hour energy but they don’t have a crash point. Much more natural.

I then went home and started dinner. I had a large chicken breast with lemon pepper and garlic and a side of baby carrots and a coconut water with pineapple in it. I started feeling better and the calf wasn’t nearly as pained as it was before so I thought I’d be OK. I knew I’d need to modify but I was hoping I wouldn’t need to.

I got to class a few minutes early and continued stretching while the previous class finished their workout.

During the warm up, the butt-kick movements proved to be my downfall. I stepped down and the calf left me with a stabbing pain. I told the trainer/owner, Tyler and he helped me with the modifications, having me sit out of the 400 meter run and the jump rope part of the warm up.

First things first: squats, push ups, burpees and body rows. All good except for the fact that my arm and shoulders hate push ups and my entire body wants burpees to never exist again. I’m always reminded of a t-shirt I saw at Regionals that says “BUCK FURPEES.”

We then grabbed barbells and added weight for a deadlift. I grabbed a 45 pounder and added two 10 pound weights. 65 pounds makes it a PR. The deadlift was easy. I told Boyfriend and I want a higher PR on Thursday night with him.

When done with the deadlifts we moved on to the WOD. “Ben” seemed pretty decent before actually doing it but I was worried about the running bit. Tyler told me to go with a Row instead to mofify since rowing wouldn’t put so much pressure on my calf.

So “Ben” is this:
200m run (row)
15-12-9 Air squats, push ups, body rows
200m run (row)

I finished in 9 minutes flat, third to last.

After the cool down, we got weight and body fat measured. I nearly cried. I won’t scare anyone with the details because I’m not ready to own up to my pudge, but I’ll say my goals:

Shave 3-5 minutes off “Ben” when we do it in day 8 of Elements.
Lose 15% Body fat overall.
Lose 50-60 pounds overall.

I went home after, feeling all pudgy and blech, knowing there were so many factors for my higher weight than normal- hormones, swelling of muscles, water retention, I had just worked out, etc. so I know it’ll be better in four weeks, but I kept thinking: I finished Ben in 9 minutes. I didn’t quit. I didn’t stop. I kept going. I didn’t give up.

I am sore and my leg kills but I am better and stronger than I was yesterday. And that makes this all worth it.


About Amanda

I knit only when I'm not drinking coffee, sleeping or lifting heaving things and putting them back down. I'm a freelance writer and I adore my job. I don't write about this, though I do and am obsessed with CrossFit. I eat Primal and love cooking. I write about both of these things. I greatly appreciate your feedback and comments! If you like what you've seen in my blogs, please feel free to message me here or on Ravelry, or e-mail me at ashansen1015@gmail.com. I have patterns for sale! Go to Ravelry and search KnitEatLift and you'll find my patterns. The store is always growing and soon will have more patterns to purchase. I hope you enjoy them.

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