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I’m bored

Every morning I wake up and make eggs. Or boyfriend makes eggs. Usually always the same: scrambled with an assortment of spices. Bacon. Peppers and onions. I’ve been eating this for breakfast for a month now and I’m bored stiff of it. My apartment smells like fried bacon every morning (and there is NOTHING wrong with that!) but I’ve grown bored with the constancy of my breakfasts.

So I went online and found some recipes but they require some work to get this ball rolling.

Pumpkin muffins lack the protein needed for breakfast but bacon and leftover protein from dinner the night before could work for this need. Their portability and ease to grab and go with my morning coffee makes it perfect for my late-wake-up-get-dressed-don’t-brush-hair-run-out-door-last-minute lifestyle. Plus I really just want to do some baking. I’m feeling domestic. Lay off me.

Pancakes can easily be made with almond flour, but that also requires work. Again, protein can be added easily. I’m kind of awesome with buttermilk pancakes so I assume almond pancakes with almond milk can’t be much different!

Hard boiled eggs is a change of pace while still giving me the eggs I need. Either I can use the mayo in my fridge or I can make my own (there really isn’t much difference) and some spices and I have egg salad or deviled eggs.

I can make or use ketchup on my eggs, which would add some depth to the flavoring… or use salsa… All of these things can easily be homemade and they would then lack all the preservatives that come in the bottle from the store. Especially since summer is here, I’ll have a ton of tomatoes and pepper to make salsa.

In order to make the almond flour to make most of the things I want here, I need to buy slivered almonds. And lots of them. I also can’t make them until tomorrow since boyfriend has the food processor and I need to pulse the almonds until they make a finely ground meal. Then I’ll be able to jar it and put it in the freezer. Doing things this way is a lot better since it’ll be fresh and it’ll actually taste like almonds rather than dried and processed stuff.

To the grocery store!

Out of Commission

OK. This is a super long post. But there’s a week to make up on. READY! Here we go!

Last week was a really rough time for me. I woke up Saturday morning with some tension in my low back, thinking it was just DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) I took a couple advil and went about my weekend of more moving and heavy lifting up a flight of stairs to finish unpacking the apartment. Sunday I still had that nagging pain but I ignored it, got a massage and continued unpacking. There are still boxes randomly around the apartment, but it’s almost done.

Monday morning I woke up with the inability to get out of bed, or shift from laying on my back to laying on my side without massive amounts of pain. I called into work and called the Chiropractor. The good doc gave me a couple snaps and put me on the roller table for a massaging therapy. After the 12 minutes, I felt great laying down but could not get off the table. At all. I was near tears just standing next to the doctor, muttering expletives under my breath. I went home, iced my back and took more advil than necessary.

By the time CrossFit class came around, I was feeling better and I could get into the Deadlift position no problem. I figured it would be OK and I went to class. The WOD kicked my ass. We also did pull ups and I realized I suck at them. Hardcore suckage.

Sprint 200m
10 thrusters at 25 pounds
10 jumping lunges
I did this three times in 14:40.

Tuesday I woke up with the same pain and inability to get out of bed and called into work again. I drove to work in the early afternoon, grabbed some work so I could actually get some hours during the week, and went back to the couch. Another chiropractor appointment, a couple more cracks and she put me on the electrode therapy. I still couldn’t get off the table when done. It hurt like hell.

I called mom and told her I made an appointment for the following day with an Internal Medicine doctor to get an X-Ray. Mom feared I had a stress fracture.

I immediately went into panic mode and may have had an nervous breakdown purely because I didn’t want to be out of CrossFit for months. Boyfriend was leaving work when I got off the phone with Mom and I told him to hurry. I put spaghetti squash in the oven and the marinara sauce was gurgling away on the stove when he texted figuring it would take him about a half hour to get to my place.  

He got to my place in 20 minutes. I was still crying when he came through the door and he hugged me tightly, singing “Soft Kitty” and rocking me ever so gently so my back wouldn’t hurt. I teared on his shirt and he assured me that it’s not a failure and I’ve been drinking the Kool-Aid by the gallon and that I will be fine and back to CrossFit when the time is right.

Dinner was AMAZING! I made up a double batch of marinara sauce and added mild and hot Italian sausages. Instead of pasta, I baked a spaghetti squash in the oven with olive oil drizzled on it, face down on a baking pan and 45 minutes in the oven. Then you take a fork and scrape it all out (THE BEST PART!) and then serve it up! I found it hard to sit down more often than not and I winced in pain every few minutes when the muscles would spasm. I sent an e-mail to Badger CrossFit telling them I probably wouldn’t be able to come to class on Wednesday and I’d let him know what the doctor said the next day.

In bed that night, Boyfriend comforted me while I tried relaxing, causing multiple spasms to wrack my back and cause immense pain. Boyfriend grabbed my hand and let me squeeze as tightly as I needed before I could finally relax enough that I could lay still. I knew this wasn’t any ordinary pain and I again feared it was a fracture. He squeezed me tight and I didn’t move all night.

I woke up Wednesday morning, still unable to move, called into work yet again and told them I’d update them after the appointment. Boyfriend helped me out of bed, made breakfast as I slowly made my way around the apartment getting ready for the appointment.

I hobbled into the doctors office in a dress as it was the only thing I could put on without pain. My underwear was tough enough to get on let alone pants. I told the doctor my symptoms, he assured me it wasn’t a fracture and it sounded like “Early Disk Degeneration” or herniated discs. He prescribed me pain killers and muscle relaxers and told me if it was actually the disk issue, he’d be recommending a doctor to do a cortisone shot and I’d be on my feet again in a week. He wanted me to get in for an X-Ray and an MRI as soon as possible but my insurance had to accept it and I had to be fit in the schedule. I went to the scheduling desk and the woman there became my hero. She processed my papers, got it accepted through the insurance company and got me in for an MRI an hour later. I went down to radiology and sat down in the cushy chair, curled up in the fetal position as it was the only way I was comfortable. The X-Ray was hell as I had to move and contort my lower half to get the right picture. She tech had to help me off the table and as soon as I sat down, another tech came over to find me for the MRI.

Now, I’m slightly claustrophobic around my head– basically if I can feel my own breath, I don’t like it. Luckily, the scan would be low enough on my body that my head would essentially be out of the scanner. A cool breeze came in over my face for the whole thing and I was comfortable enough, especially when the loud noises the machine makes reminded me quite a bit of Dubstep. My toes may have been tapping along every now and then. I went back up to the doctors’ office to find out if he could look at the films right away and give me an idea of how to proceed, but he wasn’t available for a while so I opted to go to walgreens to fill my prescriptions and head home to the couch. A couple hours later the doc called to say I had two herniated disks in my lower back. The disks between L4 and L5 and L5 and S1 were both herniated, which was the main reason for all of the intense pain. He said he’s given my information to an orthopedic surgeon who would be able to administer the shot and he would be in contact with me soon.

I called Badger Crossfit and explained the situation to him. He suggested I wait until the July Elements class to pick CrossFit back up because I didn’t want to make it worse. I agreed with him but hedged, thinking I’d be ready to be back to it on Monday if the shot worked. I told him I’d call him back. I then called my Chiropractor and he suggested I come see him more often because the cortisone shot won’t fix me forever. I scheduled an appointment for Friday morning before getting into see the pain management docs. I got a call from the Ortho and he didn’t have any availability until next week Wednesday. I wanted another option to see someone Friday. I wasn’t about to miss more work and be in pain for another week. The pain killers were working wonders but I didn’t want to live off them for the next week. A Pain Management office through Aurora had an opening Friday afternoon and my insurance just needed to accept it before we could schedule the appointment officially.

The Ortho himself called me later Wednesday and badgered me about how the cortisone shot may not actually be needed and the herniated discs might not be my real problem and I needed to be seen etc. I told him I’m not willing to wait a week when I’m in this much pain so I’d be seeing the other doctor. He was practically scolding me like I was a child about to go into surgery and how it was so important that I see him and no one else. Every word coming out of his mouth made me want to cry so instead I told him I needed to think about it. I called mom, freaked out for a minute and she offered to come over.  I had already sent an e-mail to work saying I’d be out the rest of the week due to this issue but I had plenty of work to do so I’d get that done while convalescing on the couch.

Mom and I watched TV and she didn’t leave until after 10 p.m. when the OxyCodone had kicked in and I was super sleepy and glazed over. I wasn’t in an ounce of pain when she left and I slept soundly until my alarm went off at 6 a.m. Thursday morning. I had a raging headache, much like a hangover so I rolled over and went back to sleep until 8 a.m. when the pain management office called to talk me through my appointment the next day. I asked the appropriate questions: will there be an evaluation beforehand to make sure this is what I need, can my mom be in the room when the injection takes place, etc. and I answered all of their personal questions. I hung up with them and went back to sleep until 12:30. I slept for 15 hours after taking the Oxy. I was still hurting but it was much less. I managed to get some knitting done and I got a good chunk of work done while chilling out for the entire day. I tried taking the other non-narcotic muscle relaxer but got dizzy and sleepy so I napped for a short time before the drugs wore off. I felt normal just in time to take a pain killer and head out to Boyfriends’ for the night. Another Oxycodone was taken during dinner and I slept amazingly again.

Friday morning I woke, stiff and slightly groggy. Boyfriend didn’t make breakfast but I was running late. I got to the Chiropractor and, after sitting for the electrode therapy, he took it pretty easy on me and it, again, was really hard to get off the table. I went to Mom’s for the day as she was driving me to the appointment. I made a quick breakfast of three eggs, onions and peppers and lazed around until the appointment suggling with the kittens.

The appointment was scary. There was no evaluation but the pain management guy said this was definitely going to help and I wasn’t displaying any other pain that would be associated with anything other than the herniated disks. So I agreed to it. Mom couldn’t come in but the nurses were very sweet and the shot was administered within a matter of minutes. It wasn’t immediate pain relief, but the lidocain was definitely working its magic, making my left hamstring and butt numb.

Mom told me to lay down on the couch, propped my legs up with pillows and put a kitty on my stomach.  We watched TV, I fell asleep for a while and finally woke up with enough pain relief that I could go to the bathroom. I went home later in the evening, ate some larabar with the Oxycodone and went right to bed.

Saturday I woke up feeling much better. I generally bummed around  and went to Boyfriend’s for the night. We stayed up and watched a movie even though I had taken the Oxycodone– it wasn’t starting to have the narcotic affect right away anymore which was really nice. Sunday I hung out at Mom’s again for a while, went to the grocery store and did other small errands and Boyfriend came over for the night. I hadn’t taken any pain killers or muscle relaxers since the morning which wore off around noon.

Today we woke up, boyfriend made breakfast and I went to work. I could actually put pants on with minimal pain!  The pain is all but gone with just a little stiffness in the right side of my spine. I’m going to knitting tonight. Tomorrow is Stitch n Pitch! I called Badger Crossfit again and Tyler was awesome about letting me sign up for July’s Elements class to re-start. It’s starting up again on July 9 so hopefully by then my times will have gotten better. In the meantime, I’ll be doing lots of plank holds and overhead squats with a PVC pipe to help strengthen those muscles.

OK I think we’re all caught up. Thanks for sticking through it with me!


I’m exhausted!

I did a lot of stretching after work before my first Elements class, but it didn’t really help all that much.

So Monday night: I left work and went to GNC and got a case of Vita Coco coconut water and a bunch of FRS shots- much like the 5 hour energy but they don’t have a crash point. Much more natural.

I then went home and started dinner. I had a large chicken breast with lemon pepper and garlic and a side of baby carrots and a coconut water with pineapple in it. I started feeling better and the calf wasn’t nearly as pained as it was before so I thought I’d be OK. I knew I’d need to modify but I was hoping I wouldn’t need to.

I got to class a few minutes early and continued stretching while the previous class finished their workout.

During the warm up, the butt-kick movements proved to be my downfall. I stepped down and the calf left me with a stabbing pain. I told the trainer/owner, Tyler and he helped me with the modifications, having me sit out of the 400 meter run and the jump rope part of the warm up.

First things first: squats, push ups, burpees and body rows. All good except for the fact that my arm and shoulders hate push ups and my entire body wants burpees to never exist again. I’m always reminded of a t-shirt I saw at Regionals that says “BUCK FURPEES.”

We then grabbed barbells and added weight for a deadlift. I grabbed a 45 pounder and added two 10 pound weights. 65 pounds makes it a PR. The deadlift was easy. I told Boyfriend and I want a higher PR on Thursday night with him.

When done with the deadlifts we moved on to the WOD. “Ben” seemed pretty decent before actually doing it but I was worried about the running bit. Tyler told me to go with a Row instead to mofify since rowing wouldn’t put so much pressure on my calf.

So “Ben” is this:
200m run (row)
15-12-9 Air squats, push ups, body rows
200m run (row)

I finished in 9 minutes flat, third to last.

After the cool down, we got weight and body fat measured. I nearly cried. I won’t scare anyone with the details because I’m not ready to own up to my pudge, but I’ll say my goals:

Shave 3-5 minutes off “Ben” when we do it in day 8 of Elements.
Lose 15% Body fat overall.
Lose 50-60 pounds overall.

I went home after, feeling all pudgy and blech, knowing there were so many factors for my higher weight than normal- hormones, swelling of muscles, water retention, I had just worked out, etc. so I know it’ll be better in four weeks, but I kept thinking: I finished Ben in 9 minutes. I didn’t quit. I didn’t stop. I kept going. I didn’t give up.

I am sore and my leg kills but I am better and stronger than I was yesterday. And that makes this all worth it.


Well I haven’t posted lately and I’m not totally sure why.  It’s been a pretty busy week– when I wasn’t at Boyfriends’, I was at home packing so it’s been a lack of time on my part that stopped me from writing something up.

All week I ordered Jimmy Johns or Potbelly for delivery and I barely took the true time to eat it properly. I kept up my water and tried to ignore the massive carb cravings I had going on. I made it through Friday with virtually no working out other than lifting heavy boxes and pacing the living room. I was still hurting and sore after all the packing so I didn’t want to push it further.

I was pretty excited for Saturday: moving day. I signed up for my second Intro CrossFit class and I also enrolled in the Elements class. Paleo is now getting easier and I’m managing to get food in orders a lot easier as well.

Saturday morning I woke up early and made breakfast of eggs and bacon. Stupidly, I ran out of fruit so I had none, but there was onion and green pepper in the eggs, so I thought it was OK. I got ready for class and headed out.

I’m not sure if I just hadn’t had enough water before the class or whatnot but, after the 400 meter run (ugh. My cardio skills blow) and the rest of our warm up, we started a minute of jumping rope. After the third jump I felt a serious pinch in my right calf and it hurt to put weight on it. I grabbed my water bottle and powered half of it down and started massaging the pain.

We push pressed as our lift for the day and then we started the WOD: AMRAP 10 Thrusters, 10 Box Jumps and 10 Push Presses in 10 minutes.

The box jump always freaks me out. Something about possibly missing the box and skinning my leg doesn’t make them all that appealing. The box, turned onto its shorter side, made it about three inches higher than the parallel of my leg. I stepped up as  the modification. My calf was screaming at me the entire time but I powered through it and finished 30 Thrusters (HATE), 30 Box jumps and 20 push presses at 35/25 lbs.

I hurt pretty bad after the class and I hobbled off to my car, called Mom to tell her to bring an ice pack to the apartment and I’d meet her there in about an hour.

I went to Walgreens and got some Vita Coco coconut water and FRS for later. The coconut water has more natural elecrolytes and protein than most energy drinks so they help prevent cramping. I thought they’d help with the leg, if it really was a cramp. The FRS is a perfect protein drink that acts like Gatorate but has way less processed sugars.

I met Mom at the apartment, paid first rent and got acquainted with the place I’ll be living in for the next 15 months. I brought up some laundry to the set (YES!) and we went to get the UHAUL van.

I had done a pretty good job of packing but my calf prevented me from doing all the heavy lifting and stair navigating so we moved boxes and such in shifts and we took many breaks before the ex roomie showed up. The most epic fight ensued and I soon turned into the Hulk picking up boxes at lightning speed to keep my entire body from shaking with adrenaline.

The boxes were all packed into the van and some other random stuff was put in Mom’s SUV. We went to the apartment where Boyfriend was there to give me a big hug and soothe me from the trauma that was dealing with the idiot ex roomie.

Boyfriend and I unloaded the van in shifts moving to the bottom of the first set of stairs then moving it all upstairs. His friends showed up just after we had the van emptied so they could help move the heavy stuff. Mom stayed behind and sorted, did laundry/dishes, filled the kitchen, while the four of us left to the house for the next round.

The house had been touched in the meantime. It appeared that roomie was cleaning up while I was moving up, moving my couch and putting things in my room that weren’t actually mine. She seemed to have been staking the place out. We filled the van with half of the big stuff but still had some things left that wouldn’t fit in the van. Much more heavy lifting was going on by all of us.

The couch, dresser, cedar chest, antique sewing table etc. made it to the apartment and we turned around right away to get the bed and a bookshelf. Ex Roomie had been there again. We passively opened up every drawer and cabinet and touched her furniture. No big damage. Just enough to leave one last ‘fuck you’ behind. I locked the door and left the keys in the lock.

Everything was in its general place and the van needed to be sent back. I was sweaty, stinky, sore and sleepy so Mom went home and the four of us went to dinner on me. A 6 oz. steak, a side of shrimp and double steamed veg were just the trick to lift my mood. I was so hungry and the day was so exhausting that I almost wished I hadn’t gone to CrossFit that morning, though I knew it was good that I did. I had a glass of Moscato, knowing that I had done very well and I needed the soothing fruity feeling seeping into my stomach.

We returned to the apartment after dinner, I grabbed a change of clothes and we went to Boyfriends so I could avoid having to wash a ton of things in order to sleep in my bed that night. It would have been 11 p.m. at the earliest had we stayed there.

I showered as soon as we got to Boyfriends and, by the time I got out, he was asleep. I slept so well that night but woke up to find that every single muscle in my body was so angry with me. I could barely walk from the bed to the bathroom and sitting down proved to be much harder than it should be. The calf still bothered so I knew it wasn’t a cramp, but a genuine pull. Oh bother.

We had a great, protein packed breakfast and I felt better after, though the slight limp to avoid the calf was making me feel lopsided. I went to Mom’s, hung out with the kittens and we went shopping for stuff I was missing in the apartment.

We found a TV stand for $30, but the six pieces of MDF proved to be about 50 lbs. Putting it into the cart proved to be challenging, moving from the cart to the conveyor belt, belt to the cart then cart to the car was also challenging. We saved it for second to last to get it up stairs and I told Mom she’d have to run to the doors because I was going to move fast. A few deep breaths, a dip of the knees and I used my hips to drive the box above my head. I didn’t even feel the sting in my calf as I ascended the stairs and paid attention to my breathing as Mom opened the doors. A bend in the knees and it was on the floor against the wall. I then collapsed in the couch and didn’t move for a good 20 minutes. I drank water religiously. I’m almost positive it was a PR of some sort.

Boyfriend came over and brought up the club chair Mom bought me as a housewarming present. I washed the bedding and kept unpacking. The pots and pans are brand new and beautiful and they were pretty darn heavy to get up the stairs as well. He assembled it while the Cable Guy gave me Internet and Cable. Yay!

Sunday I didn’t want to cook and I didn’t have anything TO cook so we went out and had steaks again. I needed eggs for breakfasts so we went to the store. We got everything except for the eggs. We had Greek yogurt(full fat!)  with larabar crumbles and sliced strawberries for breakfast instead. It was absolutely delicious.

I need a couple extra lamps and a bath rug and a sleeve for plastic bags and maybe a new or another bookshelf, but other than that the apartment is essentially done. I just need to unpack everything.

Tonight I have my first Essentials class. My calf, arms, abs and right hamstring still twinge every now and then. I’ve been pounding down the water in the hopes that my muscles will be OK with the workout. More on that later.