WOD: Saturday

So the last I wrote, I was finishing breakfast with Boyfriend of eggs and bacon. I had a good lunch of a big salad, extra chicken and light balsamic vinaigrette. Dinner was a long time coming as I made more marinara sauce and put slices of chicken as well as more sweet Italians in the sauce. The chicken picked up the flavors and the heat from the sauce and got all kinds of yummy. I only did 10 squats that night to ensure my body was ready for the following morning.

Saturday I woke up at o’dark-thirty and got dressed, made a big breakfast and tried to take it easy until about 7:30 when I left for my first ever CrossFit class in Wauwatosa at Badger CrossFit. I was nervous as all hell.

Troy was to be the trainer today and I knew I would be OK because there was a trainer and it was only my first class. I just didn’t want to look like the chubby wimp while sitting there. I didn’t let this, or the rain, stop me.

First things first: Signing a waiver. I confirmed that my injuries were my liability should there be any and I confirmed that my doctor had signed off on this kind of activity. Really, Doc signed off on it about a year ago, it just took me this long to get here. The workout started with a quick introduction to Badger CrossFit and CrossFit in general. There were about 10 of us and none of us had done CrossFit before. I felt a little more at ease.

Someone in the class asked if there was AC in the Box. I kind of stared at them saying “You’re supposed to sweat” and they didn’t know how to react. Admittedly it was pretty muggy in the box but I knew it would be better than having cold artificial air pumping into the place. But sweat we did.

We started with a warm up of walking knee-ups to stretch hip flexors, kick-runs, jumping rope for a minute, planks and shoulder stretches. We then moved on to a light Deadlift. I was familiar with Deadlifts and was excited to get this far already. We started with a simple training bar of 15 lbs and two 10 lb weights. I found my form was good, my back was straight and lifting the weight was like lifting one of my cats.  I added two more 10 lb weights and still found that 55 lbs was pretty easy. I wanted to  keep going but we had to move on to the WOD: The work out of the day.

It started with a 500 meter row. My technique was too arm-focused and Troy pointed it out so a quick recalibration and I was ready to roll. Sadly, my little legs slowed me down and I was much slower than the others. The girl next to me was probably about 6 feet tall and she was done a full 100 meters before me. I still finished in 2:30, which I found impressive.

Next was 40 air squats. Having done these for the last week or so, I knew I would be OK doing them in no time. I still took breaks every 10 or so because I didn’t want to wear out too quickly and I knew the rest of the work out wasn’t my forte. Troy said my squats were great, which made my face light up in satisfaction that all the ‘not bad’ critiques I had gotten from Boyfriend were just him pushing me to keep working on it.

Coming up next was 30 sit ups. We’re not talking crunches. We’re talking chest to knees sit ups. Luckily, in CrossFit, you can use your arms to propel yourself forward. I was done in no time.

Next was 20 push ups. Ugh. I don’t even want to talk about these. They were awful. I don’t like doing push ups especially when it involves you actually putting your chest to the ground. It knocks the wind out of you and it makes it that much harder to get up. I was done but not without a lot of breaks.

I was finally done with push ups when I had 10 pull ups to do. I modified to using gymnastic rings and leaning back to a 45 degree angle to pull myself up on the rings. It was decently easy but I know if I had tried pull ups on the bar, it wouldn’t have happened.

I was finished with a time of 10:15. I was so proud of myself and I was so jazzed that I had finally finished something that intense. And it was only 9 a.m.!

I went home, packed up a lunch and my clothes for the weekend and headed out to my hair appointment. It’s super short now but I kind of like it and Boyfriend likes it a lot more than he did before. After that I went to Mom’s for lunch and hung out there until Boyfriend was done with work. We met up and I gushed about the WOD and how good I felt and how impressed he was at my 2:30 Row. If it weren’t for my little legs, I’d have been done at 2 minutes.

Dinner was chicken wrapped around asparagus with a side of grapes. It was delish and I went for a second helping of grapes. I also made Larabars, post to come soon as they’re not yet perfect. They are, however, absolutely scrumptious.


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